How To Use The Preconfigured Pack

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If your unfamiliar with EKA2L1 Preconfigured Pack, This page will guide you through the vary simple setup.

What Is this Pack?: it's a preconfigured, tested and clean data folder that cuts the setup process by 95 to 98 percent

1.Click this link and download latest master version of EKA2L1

Preconfigured Pack 1-1.PNG

2. Extract the EKA2L1 Zip file anywhere on your computer

3. Click this link and download one of the preconfigured packs.

4. Open Preconfigured pack and extract the data folder into the main EKA2L1 directory (aka, the place that has the exe and bunch of other files in it)

Preconfigured Pack 2.PNG

5. The extraction could take a bit to finish but once done, the EKA2L1 directory will now have a folder called "Data"

Preconfigured Pack 3.PNG

6. EKA2L1 is now ready for you to Install \ Mount some games.

Preconfigured Pack 4.PNG

Please try to remember to update EKA2L1 at least once a week by clicking the link in step one, EKA2L1 almost always has updates throughout the week. further support can be found on the Official EKA2L1 Discord